Wedding in Nghia Lo

Episode 9

"I’m crazy pho you."
--Vietnam Proverb

The last day in Nghia Lo was long-awaited, as it was a wedding day for Triam’s sister. Girls dressed up in their fresh new dresses from Hoi An, feeling a bit funny when walking to Triam’s village.

When we arrived, we greeted everyone and immediately became one of the main attractions there. Wedding began when broom arrived with his family. After some traditional closed meeting with the closest family, a classic wedding party started. We ate, we drank and we had danced on Vietnamese techno with some grandmas.🕺

The most problematic part was that everyone was very excited to drink with us a shot of happy water. Many of them invited us one by one on personal shots (only you two drink), shook our hands and it was time for his companion to drink with us. Also the bride's mom and her sisters were strong drinking buddies, making us drink 5 shots in less than 10 minutes.

All the wedding fun dissolved around 2pm, but we had some people to have an afterparty with. We ended up in the house of Triam’s uncle, but soon after, we had visited the aunt who hosted us 2 days ago. We drank another happy water, turned up the volume for some karaoke and danced on some Slovak folk songs. After that, we returned to our homestay, getting prepared to leave Nghia Lo the next day.

Travellers tip: When you are drinking with Vietnamese people and you don’t want to offend them, always aim to clink with your cup positioned lower than theirs. It’s a symbol of respect and you’ll avoid unnecessary faux pas. 🥂