Nghia Lo - Triam

Episode 7

"Vietnam, I love you for a long time. All-day, all night, I love you a long time."
--Alex Garland

These days were very busy and full of experiences, so I am a bit late with my posts, I apologize for that. On a second day in Nghia Lo we met Triam, our tour guide, who took us to his family house. After greeting with his parents, we went for a short walk around.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, many Nghia Lo locals have never ever seen non-asian people, so we were kind of attraction. Triam’s neighbors (mostly some close and broader family) were very welcoming and all of them invited us for a cup of tea. Many of them took us to the main living area of Thai people typical houses - basically one room covering the whole floor with only blankets as separating element between bedrooms of 3 generations. At least they have windows.

After the walkaround we returned to Triam’s home, where we had lunch together with a few shots of happy water (homemade rice booze) with his father. Triam had also taught me how to fish in their pond, although our success rate was pretty low. 🐟

Later, we had taken our motorbikes and drove up to the closest hill. We had tasted cinnamon tree branches and met with another local ethnic group - Dao people. Yes, their zero floor houses didn’t have windows. And they marry when they are like 15.

We drove back to the village via some off-roads, met some shepherds with water buffalos and visited another couple of Triam’s aunts. After that, we had moved to our new homestay.

Travellers tip: Being invited to locals' living areas is an amazing thing. However, brace yourself, Asians can also drink. 🥂