Can Gio

Episode 4

“for years now there had been no country here but the war.”
--Michael Herr, Dispatches

Today we have visited the Can Gio national park, known for its original mangrove forests. We did it without a tour operator, catching some early local bus, which cost like half-penny. Bus driver and his money-collecting friend (there is really another person for that) dropped us off near Can Gio Beach beach, where we had awesome oysters (and other seafood) for a brunch.

However, we had to get like 4km back, as we missed our stop. Local motorbike gang was envisioning easy money from us as Grab didn’t have drivers there. At least, we had approx. price from the app, so we knew the gang wanted to charge us much extra. We ended up driving with a different gang (some old local men), but we had paid half the price.

The national park was really nice and the mangroves were very different from our forests. Park is actually located on so-called Monkey island and we have met those little creatures right at the entrance. Some of them were really excited about our visit, so they had jumped on our shoulders, liking our backpacks very much. 🐒

Despite that, we took a short walk, seeing old military bases and semi-wild crocodiles in the forest. Sosana had managed to find a new buddy from Hanoi. Travelling back to Ho Chi Minh was really cheap and locals were extra nice, writing us the stopovers needed on a piece of paper.

Travellers tip: Monkeys don’t like selfies. They will charge you by taking some stuff from you (my poor cap). 🙈