My Tho

Episode 3

"Our lives are a story shaped by circumstance, twisted by Fate, and ultimately judged by how we reacted."
--Mary Marchese, What Really Happened to Steve Nathan

Today, we visited a city named My Tho, best known for its floating markets on the delta of Mekong river. However, we have learnt the hard way that booking this as a 1 day trip with a tour operator isn’t the greatest thing to do. We have seen many things but the markets. 😐

Our bus had stopped for the first time next to Vinh Trang Pagoda with a happy Buddha, a very optimistic place. We switched to a ferry then and travelled to a few islands created by the Mekong river. We have changed the boats to smaller traditional ones and travelled through the narrow canals in the water palm forest. On the islands, we have seen how local coconut sweets are being made, meet few new animal friends and make our own spring rolls.

That was all nice, BUT all the authenticity was lost when tour guides were trying to sell everything, eager to get some money away from tourists. The worst part was when they had driven us to a “coconut factory” at the end of the trip and presented us how to use all the stuff in a proper tele-shopping manner.

Travellers tip: If you wanna see floating markets in one day, go on your own with the first bus from Saigon. 🚌