Back to Hanoi

Episode 13

"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story."
--Frank Herbert

The last day of our Vietnamese adventure has arrived. In the morning we went to Hanoi, about 80km away. The road led through a never-ending village, crowded with local traffic. This traffic hell ended just before Hanoi, where we reached a highway designed for motorcycles. In the city itself, traffic was surprisingly quiet, probably due to coronal isolation.

We arrived at the motorcycle rental, where we said goodbye to our travel companions for good. Before traveling to the airport, we wanted to try the aforementioned tea macchiato for the last time, so we went to the shopping center. In addition to macchiato, we discovered another amazing thing there - udon noodles. They were so good that we looked for them at the airport.

At the airport we met our friends from Ostrava - Tomáš and Lucka. Due to restrictions in Europe, they had to rebook the flight for an earlier date. Since it was a weekend, it was only possible to change it at the airport, so they experienced a few stressful hours at the counter. Fortunately, they succeeded, so we left Vietnam with them in the evening flight.

This is the end of our trip full of unforgettable moments. This story also ends, so I would like to thank you all. I hope you enjoyed it with us at least a little.

Travellers tip: Renting a semi-automatic motorcycle instead of an automatic one is the best decision you can make. The automatic one will not manage the mountains. The semi-slot machine is stronger, more fun and you will definitely get used to shifting during the day.

Bonus: When you go on vacation, be sure to try this app. It can also compile your trip retrospectively, according to the photos on your phone. At the end, you can also order a nice photo album. 🏞