Road to Du Gia

Episode 13

"Eat the plum (given as a gift) but give back a peach."
--Vietnamese Proverb

The morning in the northernmost village of Vietnam was cold, but the girls managed to run to the local viewpoint. After their return, we caught the morning “vifonka” and landed on motorcycles again. Riding near the Chinese border, we returned to the main Ha Giang loop and continued to the town of Meo Vac.

I will probably repeat myself, but the journey took us back to the amazing mountains with great views. It is especially worth mentioning the area around the Ma Pi Leng mountain range, where we stopped for a coffee overlooking the peaks shrouded in fog. The mountains were quite high, so we were surprised by the locals, who worked tirelessly on the fields in steep slopes. ⛰

Our journey passed and the serpentine counter reported a new daily maximum. At one of the photo-stops we met Slovak travelers, with whom we exchanged some tips and tricks. But we did not stay long, as we still had a long way to go to the town of Yen Phu. Our Vietnamese forests and endless terraced fields kept us company during our journey.

The route was quite challenging and after 100 km we began to realize that our destination was too far. Therefore, we decided to spend the night in the town of Du Gia, which is a frequent stop for travelers. We visited the local bar and managed a short trip to the nearby waterfalls. At our accommodation, we met new friends from Ostrava who were happy to help us with the latest supplies of homemade plum brandy.

Travellers tip: Mastering the Ha Giang loop in 2 days is quite challenging, mainly because the final part of this long tour leads along a completely broken path. Consider the 3-day variant instead, there are also nice places for a week. 🎒