Mu Cang Chai

Episode 10

"We tried to change Vietnam. Instead, Vietnam changed us."
--Tony Thomson

On the 16th day of our trip we moved to another province - Mu Can Chai, best known for its terrace field sceneries. We have to confirm, some of the views were absolutely stunning.

After crossing the province border we found ourselves on a side of the hill, having the whole valley in front. We drove even a bit higher and had a coffee in a lonely restaurant, owned by some weird local gang. When we had parked, the waiter was punching the boxing bag next to the entrance. 🥊🥊

Surviving the coffee in good health, we moved forward and stopped on another viewpoint around 10km before the Mu Cang Chai city. Local Hmong business women know tourists very well, so they started to dress us in their traditional clothes. I resisted, but girls simply couldn’t as you can see in the pictures. Women asked for some horrible amount of money but we assertively ended up paying half.

After that, we got to our homestay and had dinner with the whole family. The lady also dressed Lucka in her old traditional dress and some family photos were taken. Her husband said he would give me his traditional costume, but there is no way I would fit in. We went to bed early with a bit of a stomach ache and a longer trip ahead of us the next day.

Travellers tip: People in less touristic regions can’t speak a word in English. Download Google Translate offline app with Vietnamese language pack. 🤷‍♂️