Passion or how we got to the Scotland

Zuzana Zatrochova & Natalia Iriasova

Natalia: A year ago, when I was travelling in Portugal. I met this Scottish guy. His accent and his fantastic stories about Scotland made me do some research about the country. I was in love with it. I had to go there. After coming back to Slovakia, I had a beer with Šošana. This retarded ex-classmate of mine had the same passion, and we agreed to share the crazy adventure together.

Shoshana: Not long ago, when I was learning for my exams, I discovered TV series that featured the country of Scotland. I was astonished by the beauty of the country and characters of Scotsmen. I knew that was my next destination for travelling. Therefore, when I met my soul-friend Natalia, and she shared my views on Scotland, we bought the tickets and the adventure began.